Are there any real functions @ AMD IL?

Discussion created by empty_knapsack on Feb 18, 2009
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AMD IL functions support

I'm trying to figure out how AMD IL works. I've code that looks like:

mov r<0-15>, params#1

call 1

mov r<0-15>, params#2

call 1

mov r<0-15>, params#3

call 1

... etc

func 1

// kinda lot of code here




When i'm trying to compile it it stucks at calclCompile() phase. As I can understand the reason is that CAL trying to inline everything. The questions are: is this normal behaviour? Am I missed some <noinline> thing? Are there any real functions with <call/ret> accessible via AMD IL?

// And as a side note -- kinda strange that pdf documentation have "no clipboard copy allowed" attribute .