Request for DRI2 Support in Linux Drivers

Discussion created by donpellegrino on Feb 17, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2009 by dele123

I would like to submit an enhancement request for DRI2 support to be added to the Linux drivers.  I didn't see a form on the site for such a submission so I thought I'd just post to the forum here hoping someone at AMD/ATI picks this up.

The use case is that Compiz as a compositing window manager depends on DRI2 capability in order to render OpenGL windows along side composited windows.  This has been discussed at:

The current state of things is that certain visual effects for window management can only be applied when the windows themselves are not OpenGL.  This creates an unfortunate decision for the user to choose between visual effects for window management or OpenGL applications that have nice visuals themselves.  The two are currently mutually exclusive.  It would seem that adding DRI2 support would resolve this and open a development path for a much more excting desktop experience.