Hydravision: Dialog Box Repositioning not working

Discussion created by tobiasalte on Feb 10, 2009
The Hydravision feature to reposition dialog boxes does not seem to affect a custom application


I was wondering if anyone ever encountered a problem with the dialog box repositioning feature in Hydravision.

The application I am currently working on is not affected at all by the Hydravision setting to reposition all dialog boxes to one display. It still shows all of them in the center of the dual monitors which is less the ideal.

As this is legacy code that is a couple of years old I was wondering if there any traps that could prevent Hydravison from working correctly with out system. Do we have to enable support for that feature on the code level?

We would rather use the Hydravison feature instead of doing special MFC code to tackle the problem. Especially since the dialog repositioning on another system that uses a NVIDIA card works perfectly.

System info:
Ati HD3200
Two LCD monitors connected
Resolution: 2560x1024
Span display
Catalyst 2008.0602.2243.38732

PS: This is not to trigger any NVIDIA vs ATI discussion. It would simply be nice to know what we could have done wrong that prevents the feature working on the ATI system.

Thanks a lot for any suggestion.