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    Windows 7 Beta drivers for 790X / Radeon HD4670 Platform


      Hi all.

      Just wanted to ask if someone could help me make my Windows 7 Beta platform a bit more stable via chipset drivers etc? I have a lot of problems with the computer BSOD'ing, freezing, and everything from memory management, irq less or equal, ntfs.sys, fltmgr.sys etc makes my system go bananas. ;-)

      I have installed the 8.12 preview package for Radeon cards and Windows 7 Beta, but I'm unsure what CPU/chipset drivers I should use for best performance?


      My rig is:

      MSI K9A2 CF-F BIOS 1.7 With AMD790X / SB600

      AMD Athlon64 X2 CPU

      Corsair PC6400DHX XMS2 RAM

      AMD/ATI Radeon based ABIT Radeon HD4670 512Mb

      SBLive Digital 5.1 PCI Soundcard

      PSU Corsair 600W (650?) ;-) Don't quite remember, but it's the one on top of the 550W.


      I'd like to mention that my system is steady as a rock when running both XP and Vista 32bit. Have never had a bluescreen in Vista, during the whole time I've used it, so it's a little strange that the Win7b is so unstable on my rig. (Well, not really, actuallly...lol..)

      Hope anyone can help me, pointing me in the right direction. ;-)

      And thanks to AMD/ATI for joining, it's surely my dreamteam!


      Best regards from

      Ronny Pettersen

      Bergen, No(r)way