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    Thread Profiling doesn't show


      I installed CA 2.84, and even in stand alone it doesn't show a configuration for Thread Profile.

      I only get profile types of "current time-based", "time-based", "Current Simulation", and "Pipeline".

      I'm using Windows Vista Pro on a dual Opteron system.

      Thanks in advance for any help.


        • Thread Profiling doesn't show

          I am not seeing it either.  Poking around the installed files, it seems that the available profiles are configured using XML files... of course, I don't see one for thread profiling.

            • Thread Profiling doesn't show


              The thread profile is dynamically generated for each instance of CodeAnalyst. 

              The only reason that profiles are removed from the list of available profiles is when CodeAnalyst detects that it is running on a non-AMD system.  Are you sure that you're running CodeAnalyst on an Opteron system?  When CodeAnalyst is running, if you open the menu item Help | System Info, you can see the information about your system that CodeAnalyst is using.