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    ACML on low-end hardware (2400XT)

      Trying to use ACML-GPU fails on low-end hardware

      It is possible to use the ACML on a Radeon 2400 XT.

      The website


      says: yes.

      I installed the latest driver 9.1 (8.57.2) and the latest acmlg v0.7on an 7.1.0 XOrg on debian/lenny.

      In the examples directory, there is acmlinfo.exe and a "info" binary.

      The info binary fails to detect a GPU, if you are not

      1. running an XServer, e.g. DISPLAY=:0.0
      2. have the authentication do connect to the main Display, (see xhost,xauth and "export DISPLAY=:0.0)



      CAL RT version: 1.3.158
      CAL CL version: 1.3.158

      GPUs found: 0


      On the other hand, if you are working locally, or have remotely access to the local XServer, it works well:

      LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../opt/acmlg0.7/gfortran64/lib/ ./info

      CAL RT version: 1.3.158
      CAL CL version: 1.3.158

          Type:                            RV610 GPU ISA
          Maximum resource 1D width:       8192
          Maximum resource 2D width:       8192
          Maximum resource 2D height:      8192
          Local GPU RAM:                    256 megabytes
          Uncached remote GPU memory:      1967 megabytes
          Cached remote GPU memory:          60 megabytes
          GPU device clock rate:              0 megahertz
          GPU memory clock rate:              0 megahertz
          Wavefront size:                    64
          Number of SIMDs:                    2
          double precision:                Not supported
          local data share:                Not supported
          global data share:               Not supported
          global GPR:                      Not supported
          compute shader:                  Not supported
          memexport:                       Not supported
          calResCreate pitch alignment:      64 data elements
          calResCreate address alignment:   256 bytes

      GPUs found: 1


      Also, the pre-compiled binary work, but recompiling the test programs under debian/lenny fails on first sight (using gfortran-4.2 or 4.3) ...

      More experience on the "low-end" hardware (2400, 2600, 2900) is welcome.