Where to send atikmdag.sys crash dumps & setting up full debug dumps.

Discussion created by Donat on Jan 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2009 by avk

I have been getting Vista TDR's constantly.  I have tried about everthing I can think of... short of tradeing in for a new video card.  It seems to work fine on Windows XP so I doubt the card is broken.  But to use my 8 GB of memory I need to use Vista 64 Ultimate since that is the only other copy of Windows I own.


Catalyst 8.11


Catalyst 8.12


I would also like to set my computer up to do a full debug dump when my computer crashes instead of the TDR or when the TDR doesn't work and I actually get a BSOD and then a full crash dump and not just a MiniDMP.

I need to find out what is crashing and why before I pull all my hair out.

I don't know if these crash dumps actually give any useful information besides the video driver crashed.