AMD CodeAnalyst + 3dsmax

Discussion created by D3G on Jan 25, 2009
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error on launching profiler


I wanna profile the 3ds Max plug-in .dll

I got such message after pressing the "Start" button of integrated into vc2005 CodeAnalyst (the same I got with stand-alone) :

CodeAnalyst Error: "The device driver failed to start profiling, error code 0x24, please try again."

Second attemp brings up such message:

CodeAnalyst Error: There is already a profile running, please try again.

 correct application is specifed in 'Launch' field:

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\3dsmax.exe"


CPU: AMD Phenom 5650 Quad

OS: Windows XP (32bit) SP2




the same error I got for .exe projects.