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Discussion created by yarr on Jan 12, 2009
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weird index behavior

Hello everyone!

Trying to get into brook+ GPU programming, I encountered a weird error with array indexes. Here's my test kernel:

kernel void testkernel(uint2 ker_in<>, uint ker_key[2], uint ker_s87[256], out uint2 ker_out<>)
 uint ker_n1, ker_n2, t, z, mhm;
 uint2 test;
 ker_n1 = (uint)ker_in.x;
 ker_n2 = (uint)ker_in.y;

 t = (ker_n1+ker_key[0]) & (uint)0xFFFFFFFF;
 mhm=t>>(uint)24 &(uint)255;
 z = ker_s87[mhm];

 test.x = z;
 test.y = mhm;
 ker_out = (uint2)test;

Everything works okay, except of the highlited part.
Somehow "z" just returns zero.

"mhm" itself returns proper values: from zero to 255, and also if I just manually substitute the index in the "z" expression, for example:

z = ker_s87[158];

I get proper result, with z returning the needed element.

I can't really understand what's wrong here and why doesnt it work in proper way. :(

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!