bug in haar_wavelet (cpp and legacy)

Discussion created by Jetto on Jan 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2009 by gaurav.garg
Haar wavelet sample is broken

I think I found an interesting exercise in sample directory.

Can somebody tell me if

/usr/local/amdbrook/samples/bin/CPP/lnx_x86_64/haar_wavelet -i 2 -e -y 128  -x 128 -p


-e Verify correct output.
Computing Haar Wavelet Transform on CPU ... Done
./haar_wavelet: Failed!

-p Compare performance with CPU.
   Width  Height      Iterations  CPU Total Time  GPU Total Time         Speedup
     128     128               2               0           0.057               0

but success with -x 128 -y 127