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    brook+ stream


      Can a kernel use two output streams: one is regular<>, the other is scatter[]?

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          Only one scatter stream can be used in a kernel due to hardware limitation.

          But, you can write to multiple places in the same stream. That allows you to emulate multiple scatter+output streams using a single scatter stream(data that you were writing to regular output stream, write it to first half of the scatter stream and use another half as a different scatter stream).

            • brook+ stream

              could you please tell us the situation where combining scatter and reqular streams as outputs  is useful?


              What algo or idea forced you to use this combination?



                • brook+ stream

                  One example is to build a neighoring table.  The index array can be regular stream, the list ponited by the index is scatter.

                  Another question: can a scatter stream be 2/3D?

                  Anyway, For a gerneral-purpose programming, I don't think it is a good idea to assume that a function will never be used and put much burden on user. We do not see any such limitation using CUDA (Don't argue that such way leads to poor performance).