Feature request: Improving vector types

Discussion created by BarsMonster on Jan 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2009 by nberger

I've tried to convert my kernel to vector types instead of manual loop unrolling, and I was pain in the *****. (Finally I gave up, mainly because I have alot of constants, see #1)

Here is what may make dev's life much nicer :-)

1) Allow usage of vector constructors in expressions:

like uint4 res = uint4(2,3,4,5)+uint4(2,3,4,5);

2) Allow vector*scalar operations, like

uint4 res = uint4(2,3,4,5)*7;

3) add int5, uint5, float5 e.t.c, or make it template class, if you do not want to make code HW-dependant. Some might make use of 128-elements vectors and more.