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    Project on GPU accelerated applications

      Looking for ATI Stream programs

      Hello Everyone!

      I'm a summer intern at VPAC (http://www.vpac.org), and we're doing a project on GPU accelerated programs. The focus is mainly on bioinformatics, but we're interested in all fields.

      I've been assigned to look into the ATI Stream technology, but I'm having trouble finding any applications.  Can anyone point me in the direction of any open source projects, or source code/binaries they're willing to share?

        • Project on GPU accelerated applications

          Well, don't you like SDK samples? :-)

          Personally yesterday my BarsWF bruteforcer started to work on Brook+ (it is already work with CUDA & SSE2 backends), but it is not open source unfortunately.

          • Project on GPU accelerated applications


            What exactly are you looking for? If you are trying to get an intro to our software stack, i will suggest looking at the many samples included in our SDK.

            You will find more code samples in the web that use other languages compared to our SDK. But, in the end, any algorithm that has been implemented in the GPU using any software can be more or less trivially translated to use ATI Stream SDK.


              • Project on GPU accelerated applications

                Thanks everyone for replying so quickly!

                I've had a look at the SDK, and tried out the examples, but I haven't written any code yet (as much as I would like to).  Because it would take longer than we have to write anything meaningful, the focus of our project is more on evaluating the potential for GPGPU in the Life Sciences with applications that are available now.

                Specifically, we're looking at usability, levels of effort and reward for different approaches/platforms, applicability to our clusters, etc.  There are GPU accelerated programs with applicable to Life Sciences written in CUDA (NAMD, HOOMD, etc.), but I haven't been able to find anything similar/equivalent in ATI Stream.

                I've had a little luck with ACML-GPU, but I thought I should ask here if anyone knows of anything else.  OpenMM sounds good too, but the code for that isn't available yet.