RenderMonkey: error loading Collada file

Discussion created by cccccc on Dec 29, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2009 by bpurnomo
RM won't load my Collada files -- how can I determine the problem?

I have some simple Collada test models that I'm trying to import into RenderMonkey, but the program prints an error message when I load them.  The message itself isn't much help. For example:

Loading Model "C:\models\mat_cube.dae"...Error
Invalid model file for model data 'myModel1' in pass 'Pass 0

The mat_cube.dae scene in question is just a plain cube I exported from Blender.  It loads fine in the COLLADA viewer, and passes every other validation/coherency test I can find.  Is there any way to determine why RenderMonkey is failing to load them? If it's an error in my scene data, I'd be happy to correct it if I knew what it was.  If it's an error with the tool, is there a way to upload the faulty file so that the RenderMonkey team can use it to figure out what's wrong?