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    kernel input stream sub_domain access in CAL???

      guidance appreciated - Thanks


      I just moved from Brook to CAL, and I find some difficulty dealing with
      Stream sub-domain as input to a kernel.

      Here it a short example, assume I have 3 CAL stream memory resources:

      CALresource A_Res;     // 256*256 float4
      CALresource B_Res;     // 16*16 float4
      CALresource C_Res;     // 16*16 float4

      // Resource allocation
      calResAllocLocal2D(&A_Res, device, 256, 256, CAL_FORMAT_FLOAT4, 0);
      calResAllocLocal2D(&B_Res, device,  16,  16, CAL_FORMAT_FLOAT4, 0);
      calResAllocLocal2D(&C_Res, device,  16,  16, CAL_FORMAT_FLOAT4, 0);

      // Memory binding
      CALmem A_Mem;    calCtxGetmem(&A_Mem,ctx,A_Res);
      CALmem B_Mem;    calCtxGetmem(&B_Mem,ctx,B_Res);
      CALmem C_Mem;    calCtxGetmem(&C_Mem,ctx,C_Res);

      Assume now, I have a kernel that computes the 16x16 C values by using
      B and 16x16 subdomains of A (ie sliding 16x16 windows originated at
      x,y coordinates) such as:

      C = function of ( A.domain(x,y,x+16,y+16) ,  B )   with x and y variables

      void kernel k_compute(output float4 c<>, float4 a<>, float4 b<> {



      So ahead of kernel execution there is a memory binding

      calCtxSetMem(ctx, i0, A_Mem);    // should I specify the input Stream domain here ????
      calCtxSetMem(ctx, i1, B_Mem);
      calCtxSetMem(ctx, o0, C_Mem);

      domain = {0,0,16,16}; // this is the OUTPUT computation domain

      calCtxRunProgram(&e, ctx, func, domain);



      (1) How do I specify A stream sub_domain as an INPUT to my CAL kernel??

      (2) Is this to be done when calCtxGetmem mapping the resource to mem? If yes how?


      Thanks for guidance.