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    how to use mpi with brook+?


      hi, everyone

      I want to know is there any way i can use mpi in brook+?

      it seems that there is no way to specialize which GPU i want to use. i have more than one GPU in system.


        • how to use mpi with brook+?

          Brook+ has no compatibility issues with MPI as far as I know. You can make MPI calls for clustered computing using GPUs.

          However, on a single host, currently, Multi-GPU control is not provided by the Brook+ interface. This feature is high on our list of TODOs for the upcoming releases though. 

          For now, the only way to use multiple GPUs with Brook+ is to set the environment variable BRT_ADAPTER to the desired GPU. However, this will only allow a single process to bind to the specific GPU.

          If you need this feature urgently, you might consider modifying the Brook+ CAL runtime to allow selecting the GPU you want to bind to.