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    Asking for API for AIW HD 2008

      AIW HD Documentation?


      Is there documentation for the API for controlling the new All-In-Wonder HD card DLL's under Vista which was just released in 2008?

      In particular I need to know how to change the tuner channel, perform arbitrary frame capture, and control TV-out.    The ATI Catalyst GUI in unacceptable for because I want program control and because I believe GUI control would be too slow.

      This is for a university research project.

      Thanks in advance.


        • Asking for API for AIW HD 2008
          Although I'm not interested in such a matter of AIW control, I would (if I was you) analyze the Win32 API functions imported by CCC. If you couldn't found any information about AIW's API, then you should start to inverse enginering to get this knowledge.