AMD should be more thoughtful about PC gamers

Discussion created by avk on Dec 17, 2008
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There are many gamers all over the world who have not so modern PCs (both desktops and notebooks) as they would like to. Those PCs are often built on AMD Socket 462 CPUs, which are not capable of SSE2, and/or on graphics cards like Radeon 9500-X850 and GeForce FX, which are not capable of SM3.

You see, there are several PC games has been released, which are required SSE2: Assassin's Creed, Lost Planet, GRID, Dead Space and so on. I think that PC with Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2GHz + AGP Radeon HD 3850 would run these PC games with more-less comfort, but they are just not run without SSE2! So I suggest AMD to persuade the developers/publishers of these games to release so named non-SSE2 game patches. I'm very doubtful about the real necessarity of SSE2-code in these games, and I hope game developers will compile SSE1-binaries of their games if AMD will ask them . Then these SSE1-binaries can be uploaded on AMD Game site.

Now, about non-SM3 graphics cards. I do really understand that it will be very difficult to adapt an paricular SM3-game to SM2/2.0b, but there are several attempts exist: Bioshock, SM2-HDR for Oblivion and so on.

What about an old good games ? Do you know about ENB series? This guy do experiments with old PC games making them look much more modern by adding bump-mapping, HDR and lots of other eye-candy video effects.
Another guy constantly improves the graphics renderers for Unreal Engine 1 based games: Unreal Tournament 1, Deus Ex 1, Rune.

I think that if AMD will reward some of these enthusiasts, they will do their job more fast and quality. What about giving them a modern graphics cards (of course, Radeon HD 48xx ) or even PC (of course, based on Phenom II)? I think that this gesture will help AMD to gain the gamers' confidence.