running Brook-generated kernel from CAL

Discussion created by syskin on Dec 17, 2008
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mysterious cb0[]


Because of some evil limitations of Brook and non-triviality of my kernel, I decided to write my kernel in Brook+, compile to IL and run from CAL.

All's sensible, except a mysterious constant table generated by Brook. Apparently all reduction kernels have it - it's referenced as cb0[1] and apparently it's three-word long (cb0[0].xyz ever used, w unused).

To run kernel from CAL I need to populate this cb0, but I have no idea with what. Tracking the kernel code didn't help, tracking Brook-generated C++ leaves me confused as well.

Anyone has any idea what to put in this cb0?

To reproduce: The simplest reduction kernel of

reduce void k(int input<>, reduce int output ) { output += input; }


Thanks in advance.