Linux 64 bit: How to use Stream, CAL on IGP GPU without a LCD display(can't load kernel driver)?

Discussion created by Brane214 on Dec 16, 2008
can't modprobe fglrx - it won't load if monitor is not connected to onboard GPU

Hi to all,

I have Foxconn A7DA-S AM2+ board ( 790GX+SB750 chipset) which has in its Northbridge-790GX HD3300 and 128MB of sideport RAM on board.

Main graphic card is nVidia's 8800GT ( 1GB RAM) in main PCIe slot.

My problem is that AMD/ATI's kernel driver for onboard GPU refuses to load if I have no display attached to the mainboard graphics and/or it is not the primary graphic adapter.

I can't do that, since it would complicate my life considerably, so I wonder if it is possible to give kernel module some parameter to force it to load and attach to the HW ?

As I said, I need just the GPU for math calculations, not graphic output.


CPU is Phenom 9950, I have 8 GB of RAM and nVidia discrete graphic card (8800GT with 1GB of RAM) in main PCIe slot. That card is my primary card, to which two LCD monitors are attached ( 2x 1600x1200, working under X11 in Xinerama mode). Rest of the HW is classic- nothing special.

I have vanilla-sources- kernel, recently compiled with gcc-4.3.2

Only binary blob kernel modules are for nvidia card ( latest v 180.06 for CUDA v2.1) and VMWare Players ( latest-v2.5.1) module for guest network connectivity etc.

OS Running on the machine is Gentoo 64-bit.