Blue screen of death strikes again!   Any other victims??

Discussion created by jean-claude on Dec 12, 2008
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atikmdag.sys breaks windows

Hi guys,

I suppose I'm not the only to experience "Blue screens" while

running stream programs.

The scenario is always the same:

(1) after some successful runs, the same call to a sequence of kernel treatments generates a stall in the GPU and after a while the driver

"automatically recovers from the device"


(2) The system although seeming to have recovered works for some more

minutes, and after a while ... here we go ==< boom; blue screen pops up

and reference to ATIKMDAG error is noticed on the dead screen


Over the past months, I found that:

- extending windows time_out (in register) helps to a certain extent... but not always...

- stopping ATIevent services seems to reduce the frequency of blue screens... but this doesn't fix the problem


Just to be precise, I'm running 20 times/second a serie of 10 kernels,

and typically the system breaks after 150 runs...


HD 2600 - Vista 32 bits.