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    rebuilding/compiling brook

      bug ?


      Just downloaded SDK 1.3 and as I've being doing for other versions,

      I try and recompiled the Brook solution in AMD\AMD Brook+ 1.3.0_beta\platform

      (my config Vista 32)

      Quick reporting

      (1) some included libraries are refererred with wrong pointers

         ie amdcalcl.lib and amdcalrt.lib are actually in C:\Program Files\AMD\AMD CAL 1.3.0_beta\lib\lh32

      (2) I was unable to compile AMDhlsl project

      one file "preprocessor.yy.cpp" doesn't compile.

      I tend to think some header file is missing ...

      Here is the error report:

      1>.\AMDhlsl\HighLevelFE\Parser\preprocessor.l(49): error: identifier "shader_on" is undefined
      1>      BEGIN(shader_on);
      1>            ^
      1>.\AMDhlsl\HighLevelFE\Parser\preprocessor.l(59): error: identifier "INITIAL" is undefined
      1>    BEGIN(INITIAL);
      1>          ^

      .\AMDhlsl\HighLevelFE\Parser\preprocessor.yy.cpp (code 2)
      1>Build log was saved at "file://C:\Program Files\AMD\AMD Brook+ 1.3.0_beta\platform\brcc\src\amdhlsl\xp_x86_32\MT\Release\BuildLog.htm