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    question and a challenge


      Have I missed it, or has Amd ever done a stream release ( ie. not labeled as Beta ?),   The only time I downloaded, both time beta, and I never found an offical release.  Have I not looked at the right time ?


      Challenge.  At end Feb 2009 I plan to by my next graphics card.

      I will send $300+ on the card.

      card must have sdk that can compile open cl code. ( spec just released).

      open cl code  which dones better fft,t 2^3 - 2^20, and  matrix multiply 1024*1024  by 1024x1024 will win.

      For all cards over 300 will be rate on Performance/$, for those above 300.....

      any other tests I  should use?   Why open cl you ask  ? is it any good ? ... I am not sure however it look to be an idepentant standard that we may be good for comparison......