ATI Stream SDK v1.3-beta is now available!

Discussion created by michael.chu on Dec 10, 2008

The ATI Stream Team is pleased to announce the availability of ATI Stream SDK v1.3-beta!

The installation files are available for immediate download from:
ATI Stream SDK Download Site

With v1.3-beta comes:

  • A completely rewritten Brook+ runtime that includes a new C++ runtime API.

    • Support for dynamic stream allocation and deallocation.
    • Support for arrays of streams in host code.
    • Smart stream memory management to minimize allocation/deallocation overheads.
    • Improved CPU<->GPU data transfer performance.
    • Improved stream size and stream count limits.
    • Improved runtime error handling and reporting.

  • Improved flexibility in the Brook+ kernel language.

    • Support for 3D streams.
    • Support for finer scatter granularities and 2D stream scatter.
    • Improved compiler error message reporting.

  • Integration of the CAL runtime and driver libraries into the ATI Catalyst driver suite.
  • Support for the ATI Radeon HD 4350, 4550, 4650 and 4670.
  • Support for the AMD FireStream 9270.

You will need to upgrade to ATI Catalyst 8.12 since the CAL runtime libraries are now integrated with the Catalyst driver suite.

Due to the runtime rewrite and various compiler improvements you will need to recompile your v1.2.1 or earlier Brook+ application to run with Brook+ v1.3. Please pay attention to the new and improved compiler messages to help you migrate your code to the new Brook+ programming platform.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them to the forum.

ATI Stream Team