Stream  versus Radeon HD4800 series

Discussion created by rmorein on Dec 6, 2008
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req detailed feature comparison

Forgive me, I did do a search, but I did not find the specific comparison I'm after. I get the impression that the 4800 is supported, but some posts have mentioned missing features in some Radeon processors.

1. Will an HD4800 processor provide full support of all the features of the SDK? I know what random access means, but I do not know the term "scatter."

2. If 4800 supports all programming features, why does the Stream exist? Lower power/flop?

3. How many gflops for Radeon 4870X2 , Firestream 9270 ?

4. Does either use ECC in the board memory? If not, I may as well not use ECC in the machine either.

5. How much CPU is required to support?  Is Athlon AM2+ 5600 dual core enough?

6. Can HD4800 simultaneously provide general purpose 2D VGA display while running sim?

I am thinking that, although I have an interest in hydrodynamics, I would like to stay familiar with pop culture by playing some games. But not if the simulation takes a big hit.  I am thinking of a 4870x2.