Issue with CA 2.80

Discussion created by perjaka on Dec 5, 2008
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Getting "the device driver failed to start profiling, please try again"

We have a fresh install on about 100 servers of ours and we are running into a very strange problem. When we attempt to run a profile we get the error, "the device driver failed to start profiling, please try again". We try again, and it says a profile is already running. In fact it never ran. It appears to work fine from the original local administrator account on our system. However, if we create another local administrator account, it fails. It also fails on domain admin accounts. We have had 5 of our top engineers try and figure this out with dependency walker, process explorer, etc.

Has anyone else had this prolem or have any insight on how to resolve this issue?

Our OS: Windows XP x64


Muchas Gracias!