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    __kmap() bug still alive ???


      Hi Guys,

      A couple of months ago I had to put my Brook developments on hold since my program

      was stalled due to an infamous __kmap error.

      The well known symptom, is that after several correct runs, all of a sudden

      the program crashes miserably when trying to execute  __kmap() code.

      As an example :

      void  get_RGB (::brook::stream RGB,
              ::brook::stream YCbCr)
        static const void *__get_RGB_fp[] = {
           "ps30", __get_RGB_ps30,
           "cal", __get_RGB_cal,
           "cpu", (void *) __get_RGB_cpu,
           NULL, NULL };
        static ::brook::kernel  __k(__get_RGB_fp);

        __k->Map();  <=== THIS IS WHERE THE CRASH OCCURS !!!!


      When this issue was reported as a bug, AMD's intent was to have it corrected in the new

      release of ATI Brook....

      Well... I just tried again to run my code on 1.21 beta and unfortunately this damn bug is still alive !!


      Micah, 2 questions:

      (1) is this one being worked on and should we expect to see it fixed in the very next release ?

      (2) Is there any work-around possible ??


      Many thanks for your answer,  I'd really like to progress on the project.