Issue on uninstalling CodeAnalyst

Discussion created by mdodsworth on Dec 2, 2008
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We have a dev PC, with Visual Studio 2005 (no service pack). The PC is a dual-dual Opteron 275 PC, Windows XP Pro SP2 (not yet SP3).

I downloaded and installed CodeAnalyst_Public_2.84.512.0356.exe. I spent a day or two experimenting with it, trying to get to grips with using it. However, I later had to uninstall it - at the request of a colleague.

Once uninstalled, we had trouble running a debug session in VS2005. It came up with a message saying it was unable to find MSDIA80.DLL. A bit of Googling came up with the following Microsoft support page:

I gather the missing DLL is part of VC2005 install, and is a critical part of the debugging functionality of VC2005.

MSDIA80.DLL was still in its expected location. Following the MS note, I did:
regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VC\msdia80.dll

On retrying a debug session (either stepping into, or just "F5-running" it), the error dialog no longer appears, but VS2005 sits there completely unresponsive - as if its unable to initiate the debugger.

So it appears that uninstalling CodeAnalyst broke the VS2005 debugger. Could someone confirm whether this is possible and if there is a work-around?

I have resorted to reinstalling VS2005 now in an attempt to get it working again.

We aren't in a position to upgrade VS2005 SP1 yet and the older versions of CodeAnalyst (which perhaps cooperate better?) don't appear to be available on the AMD website.

I happen to have an older version of it to hand (CodeAnalyst_Beta_Public_2.69.248.0115.exe) - downloaded ages ago and not used - though I'm now reluctant to trying it, for fear of the above problems reappearing if I try to uninstall it.

I am keen to make use of CodeAnalyst and promote its use within our team, and the problem I encountered above has put it in a negative light amongst my colleagues!

Thanks in advance,

Martyn Dodsworth