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    Fpgas vs amd cpus.....


      Hi, I am currently learning HDL... and want to know what would be best to do to make a embedded computer system.

      would it be wise to make my own cpu out of fpgas??? or would you saw that AMD or intel type cpus are way better in performance???


      I also would like to know how you would deal with AMD to get their cpus cheaply because your trying to develope a product using that cpu.



        • Fpgas vs amd cpus.....

          Making your CPU in FPGA is a bit laike making real car out of LEGO cubes.


          Xilinx, ALtera etc certainly know their stuff, but FPGAs are still trying to be very univeresal, which also means far from optimum for any specialised application.

          High density, high speed FPGA chips cost a fortune and they are still usually much slower than equivalent design in "real" silicon.

          Besides that, they tend to be power hog, since they have toa have extensive, high power, low skew clock grids through entire chip.


          There are useful applications for CPU on FPGA, though. Many times smallish CPU is implemented so that running some complex protocol is simpler ( for the designer) etc.