Discussion created by Methylene on Nov 24, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2008 by bayoumi
A new wiki for GPGPU / Shader Pipeline Programming and more!

I just launched this website and finished ironing out the last of the setup.  Please don't expect much from it right now, the major purpose of its existance right now is to try and get people to start chronicling their experiences in a descriptive manner so as to help others.

I'm asking that not only those with experience in using the Stream SDK contribute, but with experience with GPUs in general.  I'm hoping to conglomerate the knowledge of all the GPU programmers out there, and provide the resource I've seen so many requests for.

Once again, due to my limited knowledge on the subject, and my even more limited time, this site has barely been setup.

This is more like my donation back to the community for its help in the past!

I'd very much like to see some contributions from the AMD team.  However, please anyone feel free to contribute, I do not have too much time anymore myself for these things.