Fusion configuration and usage

Discussion created by seans on Nov 22, 2008
How we configure and use Fusion

One apon an E-mail told me to go look at a page that didnt work. so i ran into the PUB! for a pint: that worked just fine.

As for the Fusion: I started Fusion, some processes stopped  running.I also got in to Overdrive and spoted a GPU Card MISSING IN TOTAL - wonder if it is stuffed? or may be it never worked?


It is very clear that what is needed is a set of basic insturction inwhich to configure and run the whole configuration process. In that way other people many be able to use the tools, as shown off by AMD Staff


Thanks SEanS

P.S Can some one ask that guy to TEST his webpages and to TEST the video chat; cos they both DONT WORK!

Think he is a sales or marketing fish!