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    What is everyone working on?


      You guys have seen my work, and I've heard some people talk about some interesting subjects...

      So what's everyone working on, how is the SDK working for your applications?

        • What is everyone working on?

          I'm working on my master thesis.

          I have almost finished my application that calculate Dense Disparity Map from Color Stereo Images.

          My algoritm is simple because I want only to prove quickness of the GPU

          My GPU calculate it about 20 - 50 x faster than CPU.

          Here is my output image: http://img399.imageshack.us/my.php?image=out000mj5.png


          • What is everyone working on?
            I'm working on shallow-water systems simulation, still in development phase.
            • What is everyone working on?

              I working with a group of mechanical engineers on NASA's Orion project, the crew-launch replacement for the shuttle.  They are doing the vibration analyses for the launch phase of the craft.  In particular they are trying to dramatically speed-up a single run of model code, which must execute 100's of time to get a statistically significant sample size.


              • What is everyone working on?
                I am a particle physicist working at the Beijing Spectrometer III experiment in (who would have guessed) Beijing. We search for new particles in the decay of other particles and also want to determine the properties (mass, lifetime, angular momentum) of things we found - the technical name of the field is light hadron spectroscopy. We employ a procedure called Partial Wave Analysis (PWA) to extract as much information as possible in a un-binned log likelihood fit to many (hundreds of thousands to millions) of measured decays ("events"). In each iteration of the fit, we recalculate for each event how likely it is to be produced with the current model parameters. We have a working version of a brook+ based framework, which is about 35 times faster than the legacy FORTRAN code, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.
                • What is everyone working on?
                  I was working on coding some benchmarks and LBE code; however, Brook+ is not up to par so I stopped using it, I switched back over to CUDA/Cell at the moment.
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                      That's quite interesting nberger... Any kind of leading edge physics/science applications really grab my attention.  And ryta, I'm sorry to hear your lack of success, keep in mind the new version of the SDK will be released sometime around the second week of december as far as we've heard.  Should bring quite a few features that seem like it will bring the SDK closer to a more mature model.

                      As for me, I'm sort of lamenting the task, but it is time to design a model that will allow me to implement backends for any and all optimized or general GPGPU APIs.  As well as begin to implement an interface for interacting with my new "noise modules" through a GUI.  Once modularized and optimized it will be time for LOD.

                      There's a lot of interesting things that I've thought of in the style of SIMD.  A friend of mine works for a security company.  Every camera for instance could have a stream of pixels tested and outputed to a stream of results.  There's just such a leap in efficiency, and we're seeing that across the board!

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                      I am working on high-fidelity Navier Stokes equations solvers, in 2D and 3D, for aeroacoustic & long-range acoustic propagation studies.
                      The 2D is working well, 3D is another story!
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                        Now, this is one nice thread :)


                        • What is everyone working on?
                          I need some examples to show the management here the full power of the GPUs. Can some of you share some brook code or CAL (brook is easier to understand) code with me that I can run as an example ?
                            • What is everyone working on?

                              I would like to encode video/audio to 720p h264 or x264 High Profile. This is something I would like to try using Brook+. As x264 is open source I should be able to get that code but I have no idea as to how to proceed, or even if its possible. My card is Radion HD3850 (Sapphire).

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                              I'm just trying to find documentation on AMD IL.

                              With some anticipation I downloaded and installed the v1.2 SDK. A quick examination shows that the cal framework itself is cleanly implemented and fairly usable. However, trying to understand the kernels themselves is almost impossible, let alone writing new ones.

                              For example, a kernel may start with "dcl_input-Interp(linear)".  The IL spec (pg 6-11) listed the syntax as "dcl_input[_usage(usage)]", with NO information on what the usages are or their semantics! Apparently the documentation has been gutted. Googling around the web and this message board only shows that others had expressed similar frustrations, but no answers.

                              In theory, CAL was a great idea because one could have written some great algorithm targeting ATI chips. However, the level of documentation is calling into question why AMD is investing in the SDK at all. Is publishing some semantic information on an IL revealing too much of ATI's secret? That'd be laughable because people have been publishing architecture models along with assembly programming manual since the first chip was invented.

                              Or maybe IL isn't stable enough for external use? Unlikely because isn't that how the driver stack suppose to work? Whatever the case, please put out a real IL programming manual, or don't bother telling people to check out your SDK. It's really worse than not marketing it at all.

                              - a dev