Crash in amdcalrt DLL

Discussion created by helmutb on Nov 10, 2008
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Crash in amdcalrt DLL when running a CS shader after loading a PS shader


i'm encountering a strange crash in calCtxRunProgramGrid() when running a compute shader if i have loaded an il_ps_2_0 shader before. I was able to reproduce the situation by combining the bursing_CS example with the module loading code from the helloCAL sample. If i'm loading the helloCAL pixelshader between the SetupKernel() and SetupData() (somewhere around line 314 in bursting_CS.cpp) the crash occurs in calCtxRunProgramGrid() in the same way as it does in my application. If i'm moving the pixelshader module loading code before SetupKernel() or after SetupData() the bursting example runs without any problems.

This happens under XP32 (8.9 Catalyst) and Vista32 (8.10 Catalyst). I have dualcore machine with 1GB RAM and a HD4850 1GB (primary display) and a HD2600 256MB

i will add a download link to a vc8 project showing this behaviour soon