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    Asymetrical CPU/GPU Hybrid Processors


      Is it possible to put an x64 dual core and a 4870x2 on the same die?

      I imagine that having two 64bit cpu's vectoring to the 1600 stream processors would open some doors that are not possible with the current hardware.

      If this is not possible, please explain.  From what I have read concerning the huge movement towards GPGPU programs due to its paralell processing power, it would only benefit to have them incorporated onto the same chip.

      Any info or comments are welcome.  I think that this will be the next step in the evolution of modern computing, and AMD is in the position to become the dominant chip manufacturer and SELLER on the planet.

      I would hate to see this potential wasted, especially since it would be almost impossible for Intel to produce a chip that could compete.

      Comments?  Single point failures?  Possible or not?


      I hungrily await any responses!



        • Asymetrical CPU/GPU Hybrid Processors

          I think I may have found a partian answer...


          From the Stream Processing FAQ: [quote]Q: Is stream computing a return to the old co-processor days?

          A: In many ways stream computing does resemble the days when vector co-processors handled substantial mathematical tasks. The benefit then as now is the remarkable performance boost gained through implementing these specialized components.

          We fully anticipate technological advancements as well as programming techniques to pull these co-processors closer to the CPU over time until, as with earlier co-processors, they disappear into the CPU itself. [/quote]


          Is there any information available about the progress of this?





          • Asymetrical CPU/GPU Hybrid Processors
            Yes, both AMD and Intel are working now on their CPU+GPU integrated products under these codenames: Fusion (AMD) and Havendale & Auburndale (Intel). Besides, there is another project Intel working now, Larrabee, but little people knows what exactly it will be: CPU, GPU or something between them.