Cal and Cpu backend gives me a different results

Discussion created by zimoch on Nov 5, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2008 by zimoch

I realized that my brook program gives me different results from different backends.

After my kernel execution stream write gives me different output3D image

kernel void SAD3D(out float output<imageHeightInt , imageWidthInt, d >, float4 input_l[imageHeightInt][imageWidthInt], float4 input_r[imageHeightInt][imageWidthInt], float winx, float winy,int dMin, int deltaD, float2 imageSize)


  float *output_image;
  float *output_image3D;

SAD3D(output_stream3D, image_l_stream, image_r_stream, winx, winy,dMin, deltaD, imageSize);

streamWrite(output_stream3D, output_image3D);

viewStream3d(output_image3D, imageSize, deltaD);

In case of cpu backened it looks as if it were good. Result is normal but in case of cal backend I have results like this :

5.83137e-039 5.83137e-039 ..... .... .....

What is the problem?

I use 8.9 drivers with 1.2.1 beta AmdStream , Windows XP SP2 32bit