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    Where can I find SDK 1.1?

      Where can I get a copy of SDK 1.1?

      SDK 1.2 is really awful and I need to revert to the last version, does anyone have a link or something? Or maybe someone has a copy they can send me or something?
        • Where can I find SDK 1.1?

          I feel your pain, I'd like very much to at least be able to do regression testing, and/or just start working on an older version of the sdk if my code works with it.

          AMD you offer prior links for drivers, for effective beta testing it really is a MUST to have prior versions of the SDK available.

          Please implement a version history... I really want to stick with AMD on this one, I like the way my code is written, but I'm also aware that it would not be to big of a change to program with cuda or something like that either :/.... But then I'd have to get off this boat at the next stop, and I like the amenities!

          And ryta, I have sdk 1.2.0 i386 for linux, but that's useless to me as I'm running amd64 again.  I had all the sdk versions saved to my drive since I started working with it, but well... I've learned a valueable lesson in backup... and that gentoo's gtk installer is only good for accidentally formatting your drives, installation = fail .