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      Is there a limit to the number of dimensions of the multivariate Gaussian distribution. I get a segmentation fault whenever I go beyond 56 dimensions.


        • drandmultinormal

          Don't know if there is a limit,

          90% of segfaults I see that are not code errors are because the admin limits the stack size by default.  If your on a Linux/Unix system using bash run:


          ulimit -s unlimited

          And see if your problem goes away.

          • drandmultinormal
            I created an example that calls drandmultinormal with a variable number of sequences. It ran correctly with more than 56 sequences, 100 worked fine.

            This was tested with the linux gfortran 64 4.2.0 version of the library.

            If you are still having issues, a code sample may help diagnose the issue.