There must be something I'm missing... GPU Support? Documentation? Etc?

Discussion created by Aea on Oct 20, 2008
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In the past few days I've been looking at stream processing for some heavy duty computing I'll need to be doing. I've been comparing CUDA and Stream and I'm a bit lost and confused. With CUDA I could find a list of supported GPUs, plenty of documents and support. With Stream all I'm finding is a handful of pages that look like a press release more then documentation. Is there a site I haven't found yet that has what I'm looking for? I'm really curious as by the looks of things AMD has cards out there that will vastly outperform any equivalent nVidia offerings, but provides no documentation or guidance.


If there is such a documentation site could somebody please point me in its direction? Otherwise what are the supported GPUs? What sort of documentation is offered? If you've tried Stream would you recommend me following on the same path or avoiding it?





Well I found quite a bit of what I was looking for in the User Guide. Quick question though, is the 4870x2 supported as well as the regular 4870? I don't need them in "crossfire," I can readily send different process queues to each card.