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    SDK 1.2 documentation and streamGatherOp

      streamGatherOp and streamScatterOp are not documented in the SDK 1.2 documentation


      I have noticed that the "Stream Computing User Guide" that is a part of SDK 1.2 (and SDK 1.2.1) does not even mention streamGatherOp and streamScatterOp.

      What does it mean ? Does it mean that streamGatherOp and streamScatterOp are obsolete ? Shall we avoid using them ?

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        • SDK 1.2 documentation and streamGatherOp
          when using Brook+, you can use gather and scatter inside of your kernels, negating the need for streamGatherOp and streamScatterOp. These two functions were inherited from the original BrookGPU code base and like a couple other things in BrookGPU, we deprecated them as there are easier to use options for the same functionality.
          • SDK 1.2 documentation and streamGatherOp
            Hello Micah, I think it isn't the same functionality:
            - streamScatterOp lets you combine the input and output elements with a function.
            - in a scatter stream (correct me if I am wrong) you can only write the variable, you can't read its previous data, so you can't combine them.