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    Doesn't Catalyst 8.9 support 2.6.27 kernel?


      I'm trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10, which uses kernel version 2.6.27.

        • Doesn't Catalyst 8.9 support 2.6.27 kernel?

          According to phoronix.com you can download a canonical package for 8.10 catalyst  in ubuntu 8.10 ooooh classy coincidence amd....

          I have no new problems with this version, and the stupid backtrace is still there :'(.  Oh well my output is graphical... Speaking of which... To post results!

          • Doesn't Catalyst 8.9 support 2.6.27 kernel?
            AMD has a monthly driver release cycle for its drivers and these require quite a bit of testing and such. So new kernel support might not make it right away, but will probably always lag 1-2 months behind the actual release depending on how it fits in with the driver cycle.
              • Doesn't Catalyst 8.9 support 2.6.27 kernel?

                Well, just so everyone is aware I am currently running 2.6.27 with what appears to be the 8.10 catalyst suite (8.54.3 driver).  I installed from the repositories available now in Ubuntu Intrepid, however I would like to note official installer generated packages for Ubuntu/intrepid did not install correctly, I do not remember the exact reason, but it might have been a rogue bit of corruption... Or maybe that option doesn't exist yet and it defaulted to hardy or something?

                The only real issue I found was that backing store doesn't work now, however I believe it is xorg related (the green customers are experiencing the same bug).  Compiz fusion is gorgeous and smooth, and mipmaps finally work.  In my work I've found increases in the acceptable amount of quads I can render from ~20 fps @   261k quads to ~30 fps @ 1 million quads.  Quite frightening really, some major bottlenecks have been removed from my system and I think the kernel is a main player (I believe all of my hardware is now fully supported).

                I haven't really even timed my algorithms yet, so I cannot make any comparisons, however, they're apparently fast enough that I'd estimate I could most definitely repeat them at high resolutions upwards of 60x per second... I'd like to thank AMD, as of tonight I've managed to get my system fully stable on Intrepid, and it is waaaaaaay faster than windows or any other linux distros I've tested yet. 

                Full settings in catalyst and ultra settings in quake4's mp demo results in a smooth 60+ fps.

                Obviously the implementations of the SDK must benefit too, many bottlenecks have been removed it seems and multithreaded applications are blazing fast.

                I'd like to also note that I'm using the amd64 arch, running an HD3870, with a Phenom X3 @ 2.3ghz.  It took this system a good 6 months to be supported, but it is.

                Compiz is very Nice (60-80FPS around the time of that screenshot)

                Now... my only complaint is ... Where are my pbuffers?!  Purty please!