IOMMU for PCIe mapping across different processor

Discussion created by arv on Oct 13, 2008
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IOMMU for PCIe mapping across different processors

Hi, I am new to this forum and am not sure if this is the correct place for this question, so please let me know. I have a question about the potential use of the IOMMU to map addresses in memory mapped PCIe regions. The scenarion that I have is that we have a custom board, which connects 2 PCs over a PCIe bridge, which need to share a common PCIe device. What I would like to do is to map the address memory of one of the machines into the other using the IOMMU. So that the address that is generated by one of the PCIe cards can be mapped into the memory space of the other processor. So from the device's point of view it generates a read/write request to access memory using the (virtual) address of the other PC. Is it possible to map this address to an other address to another memory mapped address on the local machine, which needs to go back out on the PCIe bridge. PCIe Device -->IOMMU--> PCIe Bridge. Basially, if the translated address from the IOMMU is mapped to some memory mapped space, will the IOMMU pass the request to the appropriate device/memory? Thanks.