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    A long way ?

      lonely, i'm so lonely

      Hello everyone,

      I'm currently studying a MSc. IT in a french university, following a course named  the "New computers architecture". In three month, I -like fourty other students- will have an oral exam on GPGPU... and everyone is going to talk about CUDA.

      In fact, no one knows ATI Brook+, CAL, CTM... And i understand why : a very little documentation, the high end 4870x2 is unsupported, and a big lack of communication.

      Brook seems to be a nice toy, but seems to be a short life substitute to OpenCL and/or DX11. Will really ATI support Brook+, DirectX11 and OpenCL ? The lack of doc about your gpu architecture and brook frightens me, so two new high level langage in more ... 

      Please, reassure us ATI : you sell an incredible good gaming card, but a very poor Stream Computing solution (at the moment) : give us the doc, give us something else than a cheap forum, and support your last high end card.


        • A long way ?
          What specific doc's are you looking for?
          We have documentation that covers from the hardware up to the high level languages. These documents are still a work in progress, just as our SDK is, so any feedback on what you think is missing would be appreciated.
          ISA & IL:
          CAL SDK/doc/r600isa.pdf
          CAL SDK/doc/R600_assembly_language_format.pdf
          CAL SDK/doc/Intermediate language specification.pdf

          Section 1.2 of the Stream_Computing_User_Guide.pdf in CAL SDK
          Multitude hardware overview reviews on Graphics websites like anatech, tg daily, beyond 3d, etc.... can be used to help understand the information in these lower level docs.

          As for brook+, outside of our supplied documentation, there is also documentation for brook and brookGPU on the web.