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Discussion created by nicolas_g on Oct 11, 2008
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Hello everyone,

I'm currently studying a MSc. IT in a french university, following a course named  the "New computers architecture". In three month, I -like fourty other students- will have an oral exam on GPGPU... and everyone is going to talk about CUDA.

In fact, no one knows ATI Brook+, CAL, CTM... And i understand why : a very little documentation, the high end 4870x2 is unsupported, and a big lack of communication.

Brook seems to be a nice toy, but seems to be a short life substitute to OpenCL and/or DX11. Will really ATI support Brook+, DirectX11 and OpenCL ? The lack of doc about your gpu architecture and brook frightens me, so two new high level langage in more ... 

Please, reassure us ATI : you sell an incredible good gaming card, but a very poor Stream Computing solution (at the moment) : give us the doc, give us something else than a cheap forum, and support your last high end card.