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    installed codeanalyst; fails to appear in vs 2008 express

      codeanalyst isn't integrated into vs 2008 express

      I've been using MS visual studio 2008 express for a few weeks now, no problems.  It is quite a nice upgrade from the expensive MSVC 6 that I bought about eight years ago.

      One thing I miss, though, is the ability to profile my code.  After some web searching, I found AMD's codeanalyst.  Since I'm running a system with an Athlon XP CPU, it is a natural fit.

      I downloaded and installed codeanalyst, without problems.  I've run codeanalyst from the icon that the app installed on my desktop, and it all works as it should.

      However, I fire up visual studio and when I attempt to bring up the integrated code analyst view, via the "View/Other windows..." menu choice, code analyst isn't there.

      Does anybody have a guess as to what is going wrong?  Was there an installation option for this that I blew past?

      I'm running on windows XP, sp3, on a "AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+" cpu.


        • installed codeanalyst; fails to appear in vs 2008 express

          I've got CA working OK on Win XT (x64 version).  I did have to carefully follow the instructions in the Help document for integrating with VS 2008.

          In the first chapter of the on-line help document is a section called Getting Started with Visual Studio Integration.  If you have done everything in that section and it still doesn't work, you can post another message or post to me privately.

            • installed codeanalyst; fails to appear in vs 2008 express

              mrolle --

              Thanks for the reply.  It took me a while to get back to this topic as I was off doing other things on another project.

              I uninstalled code analyst and reinstalled it.  The installation wizard screen where one has the option of enabling visual studio integration simply doesn't offer me the choice.

              I took a window capture of each page of the installation wizard if you care to have a look, although it looks like I can't attach them in this forum.

              The binary I downloaded is CodeAnalyst_Public_2.82.508.0343.exe.  It is about 45MB in size, so I'm pretty sure this is the version with vs integration.

              The CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer Setup panel which starts with "Destination Folder" allows me ot pick a Destination folder, and has a checkbox to add the path to the environment variable.  There is no choice for visual studio integration.

              I note that the help page that comes with code analyst shows the checkbox with "Visual Studio 2005".  I have VS 2008 installed, but I believe it is supposed to work with either.

              Selecting "My Computer" / Properties, gives this detailed information:


              Microsoft Windows XP

              Home Edition

              Version 2002

              Service Pack 3

              Compaq Presario

              AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+

              2.08 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM

              Does my system not support visual studio 2008 express edition integration?


                • installed codeanalyst; fails to appear in vs 2008 express

                  I am not very knowledgable about this, personally.  Please try to get someone at AMD (I don't know who) to help you.

                  I can tell you that I do have VS 2008 on my system.  CodeAnalyst says its version is 2.80.472.0.  I downloaded and installed this on 7/5, and the files are dated 6/6.  This version works fine with VS 2008.

                  • installed codeanalyst; fails to appear in vs 2008 express


                    The Microsoft Visual Studio integrated package system has a minimum install of Visual Studio standard.  It sounds like it will not detect or work with the express version.  If you know of a solution to this, we will be happy to look into it to extend the range or Visual Studio support.

                    Thanks for using CodeAnalyst.

                      • installed codeanalyst; fails to appear in vs 2008 express

                        Mr. Swehosky --

                        Thanks for the clear reply.  First, thank you for a very useful, and free(!), tool.

                        I don't know the details of how VS works, and I imagine that MS intentionally cuts out some features like the ability to add plugins from the express edition.   It is reasonable and more than fair that the free tool isn't as feature rich.

                        My only suggestion would be for the CodeAnalyst docs to be more clear about this.  In a number of pages, the text mentions that the latest version integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.  I took that to be a generic name for the entire family of Visual Studio offerings.  It would save others some time, perhaps, to note that the integration feature applies only to people using the non-express version of visual studio.

                        At any rate, I'm a happy customer of codeanalyst.  Now only if it could find my bugs for me...