Nvcpl.dll Problem after installing Ati Driver

Discussion created by posidon on Oct 4, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2008 by avk
I need some help here pls

Hi guys..i was using 7600GS pass 2 days,but today i bought a new Ati 4850 card..after booting up i uninstalled the nvidia driver that i was using and installed my new ATI drivers..after that i did a reboot and i got this 3 errors everytime after a restart..Nvcpl.dll unable to load and sw20.exe has to be closed and they will ask if i want to sent information ..I tried using some of the driver cleaner program and ran them using safe mode but it doenst seems to be working as well...can anyone give me a hand on this..i cant even right click and go to my properties ..this is so irritating..