ACL is not compiatible with the newest ATI V8.9 driver

Discussion created by 000ben on Sep 28, 2008

This code is copied from ACL User Guide:

if (calInit() != CAL_RESULT_OK ){
        return 0;

  CALuint version[3];
  calGetVersion(&version[0], &version[1], &version[2]);
   version[0], version[1], version[2]);
  CALuint numDevices = 0;
  if(calDeviceGetCount(&numDevices) != CAL_RESULT_OK){ 
   return 0;

  CALdeviceinfo info;
  if(calDeviceGetInfo(&info, 0) != CAL_RESULT_OK) { 
   return 0;

It worked in old ATI V7.12 drivers,the "info" struct was filled with right data.

But after I upgraded my HD2600 Pro driver to the latest V8.9(8.530.0.0 Released in 08 2008), the calDeviceGetInfo() failed, and the content of "info" struct is invalid of course...

What happened to the V8.9 driver? or the ACL V1.2 will be upgraded?


 My OS is winXP 32bit sp3.