AMD SDK 1.2 beta on Opensuse 11.0 with 4870x2

Discussion created by pgarnett on Sep 20, 2008


I have been luckly enough to get a free 4870x2 from AMD for research into running simulations/neural networks on the card. I would like to report that I got hold of the correct power cables for my PSU today and have been able to install it in my system.

Everything seems to work correctly. Getting X to switch from a Nvidia card to the ATI was a bit of a pain but now its all working happily. The 4870x2 is detected as 2 devices and all the sample code runs fine.

I had to add the dri module into my xorg.conf file and a DRI section with the correct permissions because for some reason this wasn't added automatically.

So all is good and Opensuse 11.0 doesn't seem to have any trouble with the samples, but we will see when it comes to writing progs.