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    Render Monkey hangs on loading splash screen

      Hi I'm trying to get Render Monkey 1.81 to work for our students in our educational environment - unfortunately when we try to run it on a machine without the user having admin rights the program hangs on the splash screen and will not run. Runs fine if we log in as an admin but we can't allow our students to do this. Has anyone experienced this problem, or know if there is a way around it? We are running XP with SP3. Thanks for any help.
        • Render Monkey hangs on loading splash screen


          We have seen this before but I don't know that a real solution was ever conveyed back to us. I believe that the issue is RenderMonkey's attempt to access the windows registry at startup. I'd recommend talking to the school's IT department about allowing students' access priviledges to have access to that small portion of the registry. If the IT department is unable to set this up, we can try reproducing the issue here and finding a solution.