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    ACML and MKL parallel running Problem!!!?


      I want to  test 2 functions: sgemm(ACML) and cblas_sgemm(Intel MKL) the Performance. my Graficscard is ATI Randeon HD 3800 Series. If i use the 2 functions in one program. With VS2005 the can be buiding with F7. but when i CTRL + F5. shows this info:

       ** ACML error: on entry to SGEMM  parameter number  1 had an illegal value FORTRAN STOP.

      When i run separated the one of 2 functions in VS2005. this ist no Problem. 

      Should I set something in vs2005?

      Can you help me?? THANK YOU!

        • ACML and MKL parallel running Problem!!!?
          It sounds like you are trying to call the ACML SGEMM from a C program. The likely cause of the error is a problem with the type of parameters you are using.

          An example call from C should look like:
          char transA = 'N';
          char transB = 'N';
          int m, int n, int k;
          float *Adata;
          int lda;
          float *Bdata;
          int ldb;
          float *Cdata;
          float alpha = 1.0;
          float beta = 0.0;

          sgemm (transA, transB, m, n, k, alpha, Adata, lda, Bdata, ldb, beta, Cdata, m);