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    Problems on WinXP 64-bit and 4870X2


      Hi everybody,

      I'm trying to run Cal 1.2.0_beta on Windows XP 64-bit SP2 and a Club3D HD4870X2, but it won't work.

      FindNumDevices reports 0 devices, all other example programs I have tested quit with the same error message.

      Somebody from AMD: may I ask you to make a statement as to whether this configuration is supported at all? Before I waste hour after hour - thanks.

      My configuration:

      other than stated above, Catalyst 8.8 from AMD website (CD from manufacturer appeared to cause even more problems), hardware is a Supermicro mainboard for two Intel Xeon E5420 Quad-Core CPUs. PCIe is version 1.x.

      I have only one display attached, I tried to enable the second, I got an error message stating I would have to disable Crossfire first, via the Crossfire entry in the CCC dialog box, which doesn't exist.

      Any help is appreciated, thanks.

        • Problems on WinXP 64-bit and 4870X2

          To be able to use two GPUs with the Stream SDK, we need to disable crossfire. But the 4870X2 is a specially wired card, which is why Catalyst does not allow disabling of crossfire. If there are two 4870X2s in a system, Catalyst should show the Crossfire option for those two cards.

          We haven't tested 4870X2 with the SDK -- it is not on our supported cards. We wouldn't be able to use both the GPUs in that card until crossfire is disabled; the team is currently discussing the this feature.

          Please let us know (or PM me) how and what project you plan to use the X2 for -- that will help in our prioritization.

          I say this with a bit of hesitation (I have not tried the X2 myself) -- if you want to give it another shot, try on another OS, say XP32.

            • Problems on WinXP 64-bit and 4870X2

              I'm planning to buy two 4870X2'a and I was also wondering how to disable Crossfire.

              I understood Mike Houston implied on the Beyond3D forums that it's possible to use the X2's as two separate GPU's with CAL/Brook (just that the current Folding@Home GPU client fails to regognize them).

              If you disable Crossfire with a dual card setup, would it also disable the "internal" Crossfire with the X2's? That's how it would work with Nvidia's Quad SLI.

              BTW, I also have dual E5420's


              • My 4870X2 wishlist


                Speaking for myself, I haven't decided purchasing 4870X2 yet - I'm waiting for CAL SDK being able to fully utlilize it.

                I would like to see it running on 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu preferred) and exposing full 2GB of its RAM (not 1GB mirrored as in Cross Fire mode). I would accept that I'll see it as two independent devices with 1GB RAM each as I'll take care about load balancing myself - granted that I'll be able to see all devices from a single client process, including other cards plugged in (I'm not sure how it will work via X, so that's why I'm asserting it).


              • Problems on WinXP 64-bit and 4870X2
                Hi all,

                I have a similar problem too. But it's not HD4870X2, it's HD3870.
                Previously, it was running fine with Cat 8.6, Windows XP x64 SP2, and CAL 1.1.
                After I upgraded it to Cat 8.8 and CAL 1.2, the number of CAL devices reported became zero.
                Running several prebuilt CAL 1.2 samples result in crashes.

                Now I have to roll back to CAL 1.1