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In 1986, I built my first computer using an BM PC/XT Case, running at 4.77 MHZ. I do not remember the MB Brand; however it had an AMD processor with the 8087 math co-processor and 640K RAM; Dual Floppy Drives A: & B:; C: 20 MB Seagate (MFM); D: 30 MB Seagate (RLL), 32K CGA Graphics Card and 14" EGA Monitor; 1200 Baud Modem and lastly a 9 pin dot matrix printer. My first computer games were, Mechwarrior, Duke Nukeman and Wolfenstein. I still build all of my computers, which are budget minded, but not overclocked. My platforms are always AMD; however I have been known to stray and use NVIDA Graphics Cards.
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